Nia Event – Les GUERRIERÉS

Gruppo Nia – Kinetic Studio – Koper (SLO)
Sponsor by Energy Collections
Clothes by: Energy Collections
Choreography: Larissa Levac
Soundtrack: Opal (Nia Sounds) Nungabunda
Produced by: StudioEffe
Shooting and editing: Adriano Fabiani
Video contribution: Fulvio Frausin and Nevia Godnic

My dear friends, holidays are over and the New Year has just begun.
Among all wishes, we have put in all our efforts to start getting back into shape.
So, we have made a video especially for you.
You can take notes from Nia technique on how to tone your body while practising a series of martial arts exercises combined with dance. In a short time you can reach your goal of having a toned and strong body with core stability.
You will notice day by day how your body physically changes obtaining the results you have always dreamed of.
We offer clothes suited to this type of sport. When you look in the mirror you will see how they flow with your movements, enhancing your silhouette and making you look fascinating.
So don’t hesitate and write us an email, if you would like more information. Or if you want to order a dress, top, pants, fill in the form that you can find HERE.
Have a good Nia technique to all!

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